Monday, 20 February 2017

5 Best Ways to Train Your Dog for Grooming

Not all dogs are afraid of the groomer, but there are many who feel uncomfortable. Their anxiety started on the drive over and continued through entire grooming session. If you have also a dog that shows signs of anxiety including panting, salivating, whining, trembling and even becoming physically ill, you need to help him feel comfortable at the groomer.
No matter how your dog fear manifests itself, it’s vital to take preventive measures to address your dog nervousness before it escalates into aggression.

Dog grooming Townsville: Here are some best ways to train your dog for grooming

Make him comfortable and confident

Dog grooming Townsville
When taking your dog to the groomers, walk confidently with him from your car into the shop. Dogs can read your body language and pick up your numerousness. If you are not feeling comfortable then how can you boost up your dog for grooming?  It could be the first experience for your dog, so it’s better to take a deep breath and release a long exhale. Find a groomer who is professional and experienced and take care your dog perfectly. Most groomers have the tricks to settle down the anxiety of your dog. If you and your groomer are comfortable and confident definitely your dog will feel that.

Give your dog a toilet/potty break before grooming
Grooming of your dog can take several hours, so it’s always better to take him to go potty before going to shop. It’s would be great if you take him few minutes before going in. So before heading to dog grooming Townsville, make sure you take him to go potty before going in.

Brush out your Dog’s coat frequently
You don’t need to become a groomer, but giving your dog’s coat regularly helps in removing loose hair.  It will not only save your time at the groomer but also save your money and misery for your dog. Sometimes it’s difficult to comb out-sometime impossible. It can pull your dog’s skin and give a serious damage to the skin. So keep this thing in mind while brush out dog’s coat.

Make him happy by giving some treats
Treat is one the best way to feel him comfortable at grooming. It feels positivity in them, especially in dogs that are very food motivated and are nervous about nail clippings. Treats help in providing a positive association with the grooming and with the shop
Dog grooming Townsville
before they leave. Many dogs are excited to come back there. If you are looking for dog grooming Townsville, try to bring some of their favorite treats from home. If you know your dog has the likeness for a certain type of food, put it in a baggie to hand to the groomer when you get there. Treats make him happy and he feels comfortable while grooming.

Do not coddle him

Try to feel strong in front of your dog. Your numerousness can make them uncomfortable, so don’t coddle them while grooming. If you start to cry when they cry, they only feel more panicked and scared. By coddling and hugging, you are only rewarding this behavior. You are not telling them this is how you want them to act. Act calm and confidently at the groomer and show your dog that it’s an easy task. 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Does Your Dog Lick Too Much? This Might Help You

People don’t know much about the oral health of their pet. This is the reason why people don’t like their pets licking. Pet’s saliva can pass roundworm, giardia and other parasites. These parasites can enter into your eyes, lungs, liver and some other body parts. A roundworm can cause ascariasis, an infection in the small intestine. Giardia can also cause intestinal infection. Therefore, you should treat your dog regularly to eliminate all possibilities of passing parasites. Apart from this, you should make sure that your pet does not lick you and especially your kids. In addition to this, train your pet to not to lick.

You might have noticed that dog lick a lot of things. They lick other pets, other humans and their own body including some unmentionable body parts (you know what I am talking about). A wounded dog often licks his wounds. This helps in healing as dog’s saliva contains some antiviral and antibacterial compounds. However, you should not let the pet lick you after he licks his wounds. If not controlled, licking becomes an obsessive habit and this is not good.
Apart from licking to heal wounds, boredom is also a cause of licking and this kind of behavior is treatable. Just take him for a long run, extensive exercise and other physical activities can also help. An exhausted dog is too tired both mentally and physically. Therefore, it will love to sleep instead licking.    
If the pet is doing this for a short span of time, you should not mind it. However, if the pet licks for a longer span of time, you should look for dog obedience training in Townsville. And, another thing you should do is taking the pet to the vet for an examination.

Licking is a part of the behavior of the pet. A dog licks in order to greet and show respect. Therefore, don’t shout at the pet. The dog may develop obsessive licking due to this kind of behavior from your side. Sometimes, people initially allow dogs to lick and stop when it starts irritating. If the pet has just started licking then you can use a bitter spray on your feet or hand. After licking your feet or hands for once or twice, the pet will stop licking due to the taste of the bitter spray.

The best solution to this problem is sending your pet to a doggy day care in Townsville. A dog grooming center is an ideal place for dog training and treating bad habits such as obsessive licking. 

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

5 Tips to Train Your Dog Perfectly

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”

A dog is cute, handsome, loyal and man’s best friend. With good care and training of the dog, you can make this friendship bond ever better. You can make him do various tasks for you perfectly right. Following are the tips on how to train a dog perfectly:

1.    Find the right dog: There are many breeds of dogs, but all are not suits for your lifestyle. Some of them are perfect for some particular activities whereas some others are not. So choose a dog according to your need and lifestyle. A dog like the German shepherd, bulldog, and Golden Retriever are the great example of hunting dogs which are great for outdoor activities and sporting. A Chihuahua is just great for companionship and living friendly in the house. Do a research before choosing a dog for you and then choose as per your needs.

2.    Train your dog yourself: you well know your dog and his activities. Devote some time to train your dog. Take him outdoor and give 30 minutes to 1 hour for training the dog.     As the dog is very familiar with you, he can learn easily from you. When you spend more time with him, it will help both of you to understand each other nicely. When you are going to train your dog, give him a name and address by its name until it understands it. Try from very basic and then move forward bit by bit.

3.    Take the help of professional trainer: if you find difficult to train your dog, you can take help of a professional and experienced trainer. They understand the dog perfectly and it will make easier for a dog to adapt the voice commands and gestures. There are many puppy schools Townsville where they best take care and train your dog.

4.    Take the help of your family: If you have a pet and you want to train it, your family can be the biggest motivator to handle your dog nicely. Let everyone in the family learn the training rules. A dog will learn quickly and easily when all the family members work in a team to train him.

5.    Train the dog how to do different tasks on command: These are the initial stages when training a dog. Train the dog how to eat from one place, pick something, rest and even sleep on command.  You also need to train the dog to take commands, especially give a shaking hand, lying down, stopping or taking something. Once the dog will learn the commands, he will do exactly the same as you want him to do.