Wednesday, 28 December 2016

5 Tips to Train Your Dog Perfectly

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”

A dog is cute, handsome, loyal and man’s best friend. With good care and training of the dog, you can make this friendship bond ever better. You can make him do various tasks for you perfectly right. Following are the tips on how to train a dog perfectly:

1.    Find the right dog: There are many breeds of dogs, but all are not suits for your lifestyle. Some of them are perfect for some particular activities whereas some others are not. So choose a dog according to your need and lifestyle. A dog like the German shepherd, bulldog, and Golden Retriever are the great example of hunting dogs which are great for outdoor activities and sporting. A Chihuahua is just great for companionship and living friendly in the house. Do a research before choosing a dog for you and then choose as per your needs.

2.    Train your dog yourself: you well know your dog and his activities. Devote some time to train your dog. Take him outdoor and give 30 minutes to 1 hour for training the dog.     As the dog is very familiar with you, he can learn easily from you. When you spend more time with him, it will help both of you to understand each other nicely. When you are going to train your dog, give him a name and address by its name until it understands it. Try from very basic and then move forward bit by bit.

3.    Take the help of professional trainer: if you find difficult to train your dog, you can take help of a professional and experienced trainer. They understand the dog perfectly and it will make easier for a dog to adapt the voice commands and gestures. There are many puppy schools Townsville where they best take care and train your dog.

4.    Take the help of your family: If you have a pet and you want to train it, your family can be the biggest motivator to handle your dog nicely. Let everyone in the family learn the training rules. A dog will learn quickly and easily when all the family members work in a team to train him.

5.    Train the dog how to do different tasks on command: These are the initial stages when training a dog. Train the dog how to eat from one place, pick something, rest and even sleep on command.  You also need to train the dog to take commands, especially give a shaking hand, lying down, stopping or taking something. Once the dog will learn the commands, he will do exactly the same as you want him to do. 

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